Current Version:
v1.5 2017 (Released 2010)

Free WebApp Mobile Memory game, caintaining all artwork by Annelie Morelli.

To play, try this

users should open
on their mobile safari.
mobile / desktop:
...using a mobile browser
...using a desktop browser

NOTE: For iOS users as well as Android: add the WebApp to your Homescreen for the best experience and speed.
app+memory [at] nabil-redmann . de

  • for free
  • no installation (add to homescreen)

  • multilingual (currently 2, en/de)
  • multiple themes (currently 6)
  • size presets (currently 7)
  • many cards (currently 216)
  • cacheing of interface files
  • native iPhone animations

  • basic support for non-iPhones
  • basic support for desktop browsers

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